Pollux Business Services, it is all in the name, we offer services to businesses.  We integrate technology and years of expertise to create solutions that make your key business processes more efficient and profitable.

Founded in 2013, Pollux Business Services spun off from its parent company, Pollux Systems, to offer document management, payment lockbox, and RCM consulting services.


The Culture

The Pollux Business Services mantra reflects its parent company’s, “You Come to Work to Help the Person Next to You Succeed.” We successfully share this knowledge through a foundation of teamwork.

The Pollux Competency Program

Similar to Pollux Systems, Inc. there is not a corporate hierarchy format for career advancement at Pollux Business Services. And we don’t have job descriptions. We strive to guide team members to self-direct their career path. We try to identify, with the help of the team member, strengths and goals of the individual to place them in the best position for success. We accomplish this through our Pollux Competency Program. The Pollux Competency Program provides team members the ability to become “competent” or certified as an expert in their specific area of work.

We provided team members an annual performance review, like most companies. The difference is, we create a development plan and defined goals (with feedback from the team member) for the upcoming year. These goals and development plan work hand in hand with the Pollux Competency Program.

Pollux Business Services Career Opportunities

Contact Pollux HR for openings in all departments.