Pollux Business Services now offers a sophisticated (and cost effective) Patient Statement Solution as a standalone service.


  • Crisp, clear digitally printed statements custom formatted to your specifications
  • Intelligent Mail Barcode – return mail is eliminated and replaced with an electronic report
  • QR Scanning – patients can use their smart phone or tablet


  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Email Notifications when email statement is available to view online
  • Reduces cost of sending paper statement

Patient Portal:

  • The payment process is simple and fast
  • Patients can request/set up recurring payments
  • A virtual terminal is available for in office use
  • Files are sent to billing system and payments may be posted automatically via web interface

Pollux Business Services will assume your credentialing responsibilities from day one. We have years of expertise in working with countless payers and specialties from across the country. We also utilize software and technology to eliminate the potential for stalled claims.

The Features

Provider enrollment services for all insurance credentialing
Experienced credentialing staff to manage all aspects of the credentialing process through state of the art software
CAQH and NPI maintenance

The Benefits

Improved cash flow
Closing gaps on credentialing issues
Increased client staff productivity
Increased number of clean claims and reduced days in AR

Pollux Business Services has created a solution to convert your paper EOBs into the 835 File (Electronic Remittance Advice). Today, the majority of payors offer 835 files with Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), but for those that still have not made this transition, we have a solution that will.

The Features

  • 835 file creation with an exception list and file
  • Deposit of funds
  • Credentialing expertise and service

The Benefits

  • 835 will provide your practice the ability to automatically post insurance payments
  • Funds are deposited timely into your bank account
  • Our credentialing services will ensure cash flow stability

Pollux Business Services utilizes Pollux Systems, Inc. expertise in the Revenue Cycle Management industry to offer key processes as a standalone transactional service.

The Features

  • Coding, Data Rating, Payment Posting, AR Management
  • Remote Processing
  • Quick Turnaround Time with agreed upon QA Levels

The Benefits

  • Control Costs and budgeting with transactional pricing model
  • Enables practice to focus on core areas of competence
  • Faster turnaround time