Our History

Pollux Business Services (PBS) , a business unit of Pollux Systems, Inc., offers an alternative business model to medical practices, hospitals and other business organizations. It is a model that integrates state of the art technology with advanced expertise.

In simple terms, PBS offers its revenue cycle, document management, remittance and lock box technologies on a menu basis. In other words, a client does not need to select a complete outsourcing solution but instead can “mix and match” services as needed. PBS also makes its advanced revenue cycle and IT expertise available on the same basis.

The key to this innovative business model is that as Pollux Systems continues to invest in advanced billing and software, cloud technology, compliance software and consulting analytics, more and more of this technology and core competency can be shared with the market.

Pollux Systems Inc.‘s vision for offering its services on a menu basis has evolved since 2008. In 2008, Pollux Consulting Services was created to provide these solutions to practices in order to improve efficiencies and create a competitive advantage with an already established revenue cycle management infrastructure. In 2013, to further implement PSI’s vision of being that one stop shop, PSI acquired Documents 2 Digital, LLC, a document management and payment lockbox service company. At the time of the acquisition, PSI was D2D’s largest client. In 2015, PSI acquired Phoenix Imaging, an Evansville, IN based document Management Company that also offers scanning products and equipment services. Since the “menu based service” approach has evolved so greatly since PSI identified the trend in 2008, the subsidiary Pollux Business Services was created to fully encompass the wide scope of these service and product offerings.

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