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What to consider before investing in the revenue cycle process

What to Consider Before Investing in Revenue Cycle Management Services

Since it’s an essential part of your office’s ability to function, it is important that the revenue cycle process is managed effectively. With the focus on rising healthcare costs, financial pressure on healthcare authorities will increase in the coming days. Research data

How to overcome revenue cycle management challenges

5 Ways to Overcome Hospital Revenue Cycle Management Challenges

Revenue cycle management is an ongoing challenge in most hospitals and requires the use of technology to keep track of claims and address issues as and when they arise. It is common for claims to be denied. Denial management is

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Property Management Services

Pollux Properties Seeks Tenants for Historic Building

Pollux Properties Seeks Tenants for Historic Building

Pollux Properties, LLC offers an alternative real estate business model that integrates tailored service lines with cost-effective expertise. Following the vision of parent company, Pollux Systems, Inc., Pollux Properties offers a menu-based service offering aligned with the core competencies of

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Vanderburgh County Clerk Digitizes 19th Century Marriage Records

Evansville, Ind.— County Clerk Carla Hayden announces the completion of a digitization project to preserve all known 19th century marriage records contained within the County Clerk’s historical records. Click here to read the full article.

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Besharah Named Pollux Properties Property Manager

Amanda Besharah has been named property manager for Pollux Properties LLC, a subsidiary of Pollux Systems Inc. Originally from Ottawa, Canada, Besharah has extensive property management, general contracting and lease management experience. She is also a principal in Cubecap LLC,

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Dicks Leads Business Development at Pollux Business Services

Steven Dicks has been named director of business development for Pollux Business Services. The Evansville native has more than 20 years of experience in digital imaging, sales, service, and support. He is a member of the Southwestern Chamber of Commerce,

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Pollux Systems New Business Model Expands Services

Jared Gray named Director of Operations for Pollux Business Services. Evansville, IN Leading medical billing and consulting company, Pollux Systems ®, announces expanded client services options with the development of its new business unit, Pollux Business Services (PBS). PBS offers

Pollux Acquires Phoenix Imaging Company

Pollux Systems Inc., a national revenue cycle management, medical billing and consulting company serving the healthcare industry based in Evansville, Indiana, has acquired Phoenix Imaging. Phoenix Imaging, which is also located in Evansville, provides sophisticated systems and technology which translate